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At Victory, ministries are the lifeblood of the church. How our members unite with a particular ministry is through S.H.A.P.E. which is an acronym for (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience). Once you gain the understanding that God has gifted you and He desires that you utilize your gift(s) to glorify Him, you begin a wonderful fulfilling journey. S.H.A.P.E class is designed to assist you in discovering your unique purpose for life, and to connect you with a ministry
Children's Ministry
This is a full orbed ministry geared toward families with children ranging from first thru the fifth grade, providing spiritual, educational, recreational and social development. In addition the ministry consists of A.W.A.N.A., Nursery, Tots, Girls Scouts, Angel Dancers and the Sunbeam Choir.
Men's Ministry
Empowering men and young boys through full developmental rites of passage programs. This is the ministry of the church that has specific responsibilities in disciplining men to be a "gathering of eagles."
Music Ministry
Our church has a total of six choirs hosting various age groups and providing an arena for vocal training and ministry through song. The various choirs offer ministry to three services every Sunday as well as accompany the Pastor when needed. The choir is active in our community as well. The choirs are (Celebration, Men's Chorus, Voices of Victory, Stars Youth Choir, and the Sunbeams Children's Choir).
ALIVE Student Ministry 
This ministry works to provide leadership and spiritual guidance to youth, which fosters the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading toward growth and maturity in Christian character, church service and evangelism. The ministry also provides a multitude of opportunities for ministering such as the Youth Choir, Step Team, and Youth Dance ministry.


Worship Evangelism Discipleship Fellowship Ministry
Music Ministry (Choir & Praise Team): Min. Jack Yates Call to Discipleship: Min. Denise Browne ALIVE (Youth):  Min. J.P. Wilson New Members: (Team; TBA) Trustees: Bro. Edward Frasier
Corporate Worship Coordinator (A/V; Service Flow; Announcements) Min. Vincent Jordan Evangelistic Training: Min. Lucius Bowen Men’s Ministry: Min. Lucius Bowen Deacon Ministry: Deacon Lonnie Wroten Feeding Ministry: Sis. Tami Jakes
Ushers, Greeters, Nurses: Sis. Lena Brass Pray and Go: Min. Eddie Mae Bates (Coordinator) Children’s Ministry: Nursery: Min. Carolyn Jordan  Deaconess: Deaconess Angela Burton Child Haven: Bro. Greg Ross (Coordinator)
Beautification Ministry: Sis. LaTanga Wilson Servant Evangelism: Sis. Patrice Coleman (Coordinator) Good News Bookstore: Sis. Marie Irving Keenagers: Sis. Jackie Williams Jail and Prison Ministry: (TBA)
Sign Team: Sis. Sabrina Reynolds (Min. Jack Yates) Rescue Mission Outreach: (TBA) Equipped (Young Adult Ministry): Min. Vincent Jordan Welcome Ministry: Robert & Tia Jones Care Connection Ministry (Fellowship and Ministry Core): Min. Cassandra Cotton *Director): Visitation (Min. Eddie Council); Bereavement (Sis. Arelene Harrington); Grace for Grieving (Cassandra Cotton); Hospice (Cassandra Cotton)
Movement Ministry: Min. Jack Yates   New Converts: Min. Carla Matthews Care Connection Ministry (Fellowship and Ministry Core): Min. Cassandra Cotton *Director): Visitation (Min. Eddie Council); Bereavement (Sis. Arelene Harrington); Grace for Grieving (Cassandra Cotton); Hospice (Cassandra Cotton) Marketing: Bro. Shaundell Newsome
Flag Ministry: Min. Shirley Hollins  (Min. Jack Yates)   Sunday School: Sis. Cathy Phillips Faith-booking Ministry: Sis. Linda Huffman Transportation: Deacon Lonnie Wroten
Prayer Ministry: Min. Anne Barnes   S.H.A.P.E. Min. Lucius Bowen   World Vision: (Dea. Larry Dotson)
        Read for the Record: Sis. Jocelyn Crawford
        Veterans:  (TBA)

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